About Us


Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated experts in our respective fields. We are committed to bringing you the type of service and results expected when one is labeled an “Expert”.

In our salon we employ Master Stylists, that are experts in the use of hair color, cut and style, eager to create the look that is best for each individual client. Whether you are looking for cutting edge trendy or timeless classic beauty, we will surpass your expectations. Our talented salon staff is trained and educated to match lifestyle and comfort level with hairstyle, cut, and color!

You will find experts in our Spa as well. Each spa staff has an area of specialty ranging from anti-aging Skin Care Specialists and Massage Therapists to Nail Techniciens and Nutrition Specialists. Your satisfaction, relaxation, and excellent treatment are our goals. You will leave feeling and looking better than when you arrived!

What are we about?

The Oasis is an escape from the ordinary. We are a modern state of the art salon and spa dedicated to bringing you expert level care and service.

We call our salon an Expert Hair Color Center because Hair Color is the most difficult and impacting sector in the industry. When you master this area of hair care service you have left 2/3 of the rest behind!

We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations in every area of salon and spa services. We plan to impress you.

What makes us unique?

You’ll have to remind yourself you are still in Springfield! We look, feel and perform like a major metropolitan salon & spa. That said, we are truly proud of our Springfield, hometown location.

In this way we are unique. We are an upscale, expertly staffed, results oriented salon & spa with a small town welcoming heart!

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