First Visit?

First time at the Salon?

headIf you are a first time guest, please check in at our front desk. Our desk staff will welcome you and give you some papers to fill out. If you are visiting only the salon, you will be filling out just our basic New Client Form. To find out more about the required paperwork read the section below.

Our stylists are highly sought after, many with clients on waiting lists. To ensure the best possible service for our clients we have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

Packages of 3 or more salon services require a credit card hold or deposit.

First time at the Spa?

If this is your first visit to a spa we understand you could be feeling unsure. Let us walk you through the basics:

If going to a spa for the first time makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many people have their first spa experience when they receive a Gift Certificate. Some people even put off using their gift because they are anxious about what will happen and the finer points of Spa Etiquette. We are the experts, we can help.

When it’s your first visit:

counterAsk for a tour. Arrive early for this tour or take it prior to your appointment day. A good spa should accommodate you.

When you book your appointment tell the receptionists it is your first trip to a spa. Our desk staff will gladly answer any questions or concerns you might have. You will not be asking them questions they have not heard before.

Feel free to ask questions about which spa treatments would be right for you. The most popular spa treatments are massage, facials, body treatments, spa manicures and pedicures.

If you must cancel your spa appointment, please give us a 48-hour notice.

Packages of 3 or more spa services require a credit card hold or deposit.

What happens at the Spa:

Arrive at least 15 minutes early, more if you plan on requesting a tour.

Check in at the front desk and remind our desk staff this is your first spa visit, even if you have previously visited The Oasis as a Salon Guest.

You will be asked to fill out some necessary paperwork, or if you have it downloaded and printed from our web site, you should turn it in to the front desk as you check in.

Your therapist will come and get you and escort you to the treatment room.

In the treatment room your therapist will instruct you in how to get on the table or in the chairs and then leave the room.

The therapist will knock before re-entering the room.

At the conclusion of your treatment, your therapist will instruct you where you should go to wait on your next service or will meet you at the front desk again for you to check out.

Even if you have already paid or are using a Gift Certificate, you should check out at The Oasis front desk. Your therapist will want to thank you and give you any parting instructions. The desk staff wants to know you were satisfied and that you have no parting questions. We also keep track of the whereabouts of each of our guests during their visit; we will want to give you a formal good-by and thank you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns:

One of the biggest concerns is taking your clothes off for a massage. Don’t worry! Modesty is always preserved during massage. Massage is usually done nude, but you are covered with a sheet at all times. Only the part being massaged is exposed. You are welcome to keep your underwear on, that’s fine.

People who want to receive multiple spa treatments in one visit often ask about the order they should schedule. Massage should be done before a facial. A body treatment should be done before a massage. A pedicure or manicure may be done anytime during the visit.

If you are uncomfortable with anything during your treatment – the pressure, the music, the temperature – Speak Up. The therapist will make an adjustment.

You can talk during the treatment or stay quiet, as you choose. The therapist will follow your lead.

When the therapist says, “Take your time getting up”, that means a few minutes. It is not an invitation to take a nap.

Our most frequently asked question is about tipping. Spa treatments are very personal services and your therapist will do their best to customize your service to your personality and needs. As with any service business, tips are a part of the pay for your technician. A 15% – 20% tip is most common.

Your Gift Certificate may or may not include the gratuity. If a gratuity was included it will be plainly stated on the Gift Certificate. If you have any questions about the inclusion of a tip on your Gift Card, The Oasis front desk staff can let you know if it was or was not included.

At The Oasis, we have a system for delivering tips to our staff. You may include your gratuity when you check out and pay or turn in your gift card at our front desk. Our system is designed to let the therapist know the specifics of whom and how much tip is left. You may also wish to tip your therapist personally and this is allowed in our spa as well.

Spa Etiquette:

Turn off your cell phone when you arrive or put it on vibration only. This is to assure your enjoyment of your service as well as the other guests at the spa.

Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your visit. If you arrive late don’t expect to be able to receive your full service time. Our staff will do their best to accommodate you but it is not always possible. If your therapist is running late, you will always be given your full time allotment.

Mark your calendar with your spa visit date, a 24 (or 48 hour when 3 or more services are scheduled) cancel is required.

Avoid drinking alcohol ahead of time on the day of your appointment.

Give yourself at least an hour after your spa visit before scheduling another event, so you can shower and freshen up.

Dress for the occasion. . Keep your makeup and jewelry to a minimum, so as not to require extra time getting ready for your service and so you don’t leave anything behind. Do not bring valuables to the visit.

Spa etiquette dictates the necessity of viewing your body from the staff’s perspective, so prepare accordingly by looking clean and comfortable. We suggest a shower ahead of time, your skin will feel fresh and you will be more confident during your service.

Above all, relax and enjoy the experience. This spa time is all about you!

Can we save you time?

We have supplied copies of the required forms below.

You can open and print, or download then print, and fill out the form(s) prior to your arrival at The Oasis.

General New Client Form: New Client Registration Form

New Spa Client (in addition to the general form): Spa Procedures Form

Note: you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view/open/print the form(s).

Every new guest at the Oasis is given a welcome packet. This packet will be full of basic information, without overwhelming you of course, about us our staff and services. We will include a complete menu of available services at The Oasis. You will receive a $5 OFF Gift Certificate, applicable to any service(s) on your next visit(s) to The Oasis, if you fill out and return a quick survey! Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.


We will use the information you supply to enter you into our computer and we will keep track of your visits with us, which Oasis Experts served you, what you purchased and your next scheduled visits. Please rest assured that we are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information, for more details, please read our Privacy Policy.


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